iPhone luxury pocket-watch


When phones became more mobile, they began to take over other gadgets and their functions. Though unwittingly, mobile phones not only began to take over the “landline” telephone but not surprisingly, the watch as well. But as with anything truly fashionable, one knows that it always finds a way to return to the classic forms.

One designer “reinventing” the past is watchmaker De Bethune and their attempt to bring the pocket-watch back to life. The DBM De Bethune iPhone case takes the classic pocket-watch and infuses it with a more contemporary and masculine alligator skin cover. The analog clock on the iPhone case has a DB 1024-caliber movement and offers a six-day power reserve. The DBM De Bethune case is protected by a fine oxide coating on its surface. Now this may seem a bit redundant of an item for a phone that can already tell the time, but then again, luxury is a reason all on its own and for the serious collector, this is one accessory worth coveting.

Source: Gentleman’s Gadgets