LG announces L5 debut in Europe, Asia, the Philippines and other regions to follow


Ever since we finished our review of the LG Optimus L3 and L7, we wondered when the middle child of the L-style series of devices would make it’s appearance. Well, seems like it’ll be hitting our market soon – LG has just announced that the L5 has made its debut in Europe, and has promised that it would make a splash to other regions (including Asia) soon. This 9.5mm smartphone bears a 4-inch display, 800MHz processor, dual-SIM capabilities (for Asian markets) and NFC “Tag & Play” (for Europe and North America). If LG follows the same release schedule it has made for the other L devices, you can expect the L5 to hit our shores two to three weeks from now, and you can expect it to bear a lower price point than  the L7 – if we had to guess, you can expect it’s price to hit around 8K-12K once it lands in the Philippines.

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