LG rolls out impossibly thin IPS7 series of IPS monitors, brings Cinema Screen design to a desk near you


LG has just notified us that they’ve just released their new IPS7 series of premium monitors across several Asian countries. Their newest monitors bring their extremely thin, almost invisible bezel Cinema Screen design to desktop monitors, with impressive results. LG says that the IPS7 series have bezels that are only 1.2mm thin, which is almost indiscernible, making these monitors extremely pleasant to look at, especially when watching movies. They’ve also managed to reduce the overall depth of the monitor to a mere 14.1mm. The new monitors also boast Mobile High-Definition Link technology, which allows users to connect their mobile devices to the display with a single cable to the HDMI input port. LG has not said when this particular monitor will show in the Philippines, nor the eventual price when it lands here.