LG’s Cinema Screen cuts screen bezels down to 1mm, more screen with same space


Screen bezels are an integral part of any display, and while screens are getting prettier and prettier each year, bezel sizes typically remained the same. Until now that is – LG has managed to cut down the size of their bezels on their new CINEMA 3D Smart TVs to an astonishing 1mm, giving you more screen real-estate without increasing the overall dimension of the panel. The new technology comes with the company’s new CINEMA 3D glasses which they promise to be 20 percent lighter than the previous models with 3 models to choose from.

LG also says that their new screens will allow users to experience Dual Play, a 3D solution that allows two players to see entirely different images on screen, which infinitely better than playing with your friends via split-screen. Though LG isn’t the first one to actually implement this technology (that award goes to Sony’s Playstation 3D TV), they have the capacity to actually spread this particular feature around throughout their entire line-up of 3D TVs.

Source: LG