LG’s new smart ref helps you lose weight and keeps track of what you eat

Seems like appliances nowadays have a mind of their own. Case in point – LGs new Smart  French-door Refrigerator. The refrigerator is packed to the brim with modern amenities which include LG’s Snart ThinQ technologies, key among them is the Smart Manager which transforms the ref into sort of a food management system.
Users will be able to input various groceries as they place them inside the ref, which then allows users to keep track of location and expiration date via the Smart Manager’s Freshness Tracker. When connected to LG’s Smart Oven, users will also be able to use the unique Health Manager features which recommends recipes and menus based on personal profiles that take into account factors such as an individual’s age, gender, weight, height and Body Mass Index (BMI). The information is used to determine options that may be more suitable to the person’s physical condition and might be particularly useful for consumers with medical conditions that require special diets, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or food allergies, and for those on a weight-loss program.
Should consumers wish to cook a recommended dish, they can select the dish and press “Send to Oven,” which sends the necessary information to a LG Smart Oven and automatically arranges the proper oven settings. Users can also use their smartphones to monitor the refrigerator from wherever they are. No word on local availability and pricing as of this time.
Source: LG