Licensed Portal Turret replica heading to stores soon, is dying to meet you


Sure there’s been Portal Turret replicas made before, but Valve hasn’t really given its official nod to a mass produced replica – until now. Gaming Heads has been given the official license to make the cute, lovable and lethal Turrets from the two Portal games – making it one of the must-have items for any true fan. The replicas are all made from the in-game 3D files and is cast in high quality poly-stone, which is then finished and painted by hand by their artisians. There will be two versions of this replica available – a standard, static one and a limited edition exclusive version that has a motion sensor at the front of the statue which controls the light in the eye and includes a sound module that plays in-game Turret activation, search, auto search, disabled and tipped over sounds and voice samples. 750 pieces of the standard, non-awesome version will be sold, and only 350  exclusive will be made available. Hit up the link below to get yours.

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Source: Gaming Heads