LuxePad A9000 gives keyboard-less Honeycomb owners a place to type on


Not everyone can be like the Asus Transformer and Slider with their slide out/detachable keyboard. Most tablet owners will have to hope against hope that manufacturers make a decent keyboard dock that they’ll be able to use with their beloved tablets. If you’re one of those tablet owners, you’ll be happy to know that Genius has your back, and has released the LuxePad A9000 for all your key-pressing needs. The device is slim enough that you’ll be able to carry it without worrying about adding extra pounds in your bag, and connects via Bluetooth. Genius claims that it’s especially made for Honeycomb tablets and lasts quite a bit because of its low-power design. You’ll be able to snag one from its official distributor, MSI-ECS for Php 2,695.