Microsoft has a “major announcement” on Monday, rumors say it’s their own Windows 8 tablet


Microsoft has sent out invites to a mysterious “major announcement” this coming Monday, which pundits say will be be centered around their Windows 8 tablet strategy. All Things D says that the coming announcement will be something more drastic than just outlining their tablet strategy – the tech outfit expects Microsoft to unveil their own Windows 8 tablet, something that the company has never done before. Remember, Microsoft is primarily a software company, and aside from their XBOX line and failed Zune line, they usually leave the building of hardware to their partners, such as Toshiba, Samsung, Asus and Lenovo. If this is true, then Microsoft would be significantly changing the dynamic of how it does business with its partners, as well as anger some of them, as a large majority of them already have their own Windows 8 tablets in the pipeline. This doesn’t mean that Microsoft couldn’t go forward with their own Windows 8 tablet – Google has their own Nexus line, even though the Android OS is being carried by other manufacturers – though it does mean that Microsoft will really need to differentiate their own product from the devices built by its partners.

Source: All Things D, Belfast Telegraph