NComputing brings simple, powerful virtualization tools to Philippine public schools


Computer literacy is sadly one thing that our country is struggling at. Deploying and maintaining PC’s across thousands of public schools gets costly, and the money simply isn’t there. Enter NComputing, a company that’s making it possible for schools on tight budgets to be able to have PCs for each child without breaking the bank. They’re able to do this via the magic of virtualization. The premise is that a normal PC has vast number-crunching abilities that a typical user doesn’t utilize all the time. By sharing the computer’s resources via their NComputing access device, NComputing allows multiple students to be able to learn and use a PC while only needing 1 powerful PC to power it all. Each access device has their own connection for a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and since these devices rely on a central PC to work, upgrade costs are largely minimized as schools only need to upgrade one device. NComputing’s device is so affordable that the company has announced that 3,077 Philippine schools have adopted the solution, which allows anyone to learn computer skills necessary to function in society today.