NComputing M300 provides rich PC experience to 3 users simultaneously


We’ve talked about Virtualization company NComputing before, and how their products allow cash-strapped organizations (like schools) provide a complete PC experience at a fraction of the cost. Now the company has just released their newest virtualization tool, the M300 which they say allows 3 people to enjoy a rich PC experience at  1/3rd the cost, using 1/3rd the power and 1/3rd the networking ports compared to PCs and other thin clients. The new device uses the Second generation Numo™ 2 SoC (System on a chip) that provides PC-quality HD video streaming without excessive host-side processing, as well as HD video performance (up to 720p) and multimedia experience on standard Windows or Linux environments, including YouTube and other web multimedia content. The device has an SRP of PHP 5,600 per seat.