NECA is making a life-sized Portal gun replica, GLaDOS still hates you


There have been Portal gun replicas made in the past, but most of those were one-off affairs, only fit to be held by people who have intolerable amounts of money. But now figure maker NECA is making a limited production of the iconic Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device that you can buy and claim as your own. The replica will start making its way to toy stores in April, though we’re pretty sure it’s only going to show up in the US and other territories. The replica is has both orange and blue LED lights and have the sounds to go with it and is powered by 3 C batteries. Best part is that it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg – NECA says it’ll be available for less than 200 in the US, though no solid price have been made available. All that’s left now is making your own GLaDOS potato fig to go with it.

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Source: NECA