NVIDIA CEO isn’t happy with Android tablet sales


While there’s certainly a lot more choices nowadays when it comes to Android Honeycomb tablets, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang isn’t happy with the state of the Google OS powered devices. According to a CNET interview, he says that the disappointing sales of Android tablets: “it’s a point of sales problem. It’s an expertise at retail problem. It’s a marketing problem to consumers. It is a price point problem.” NVIDIA has a lot of interest seeing the platform succeed, as most (if not all) current Android tablets are powered by their Tegra 2 processor and more Android tablets spell more demand for their procies. He also states that OEMs should push WiFi only baseline configs, not models with 3G as these are usually more expensive. “The baseline configuration included 3G when it shouldn’t have. Tablets should have a Wi-Fi configuration and be more affordable. And those are the ones that were selling more rapidly than the 3G and fully configured ones.”

Source: CNET