NVIDIA officially outs Tegra 3 processor – more powerful than Tegra 2 with better power consumption


Along with the ASUS Transformer Prime reveal today, NVIDIA has just sent us deets of the processor powering the Taiwanese company’s latest Android tablet. We’ve talked about NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor (formerly known as Kal-El) before, but for the people who aren’t in the know, let us lay down some specs for you. Tegra 3 has four 1.5 GHz cores that deliver unprecedented performance that’s supplemented by a fifth, more power efficient, companion core. The fifth core (which is implemented by NVIDIA’s patent-pending tech called Variable Symmetric Multiprocessing) is specifically designed for work requiring little power, and kicks in during tasks that require less power consumption – like listening to music, playing back video or updating background data. NVIDIA says that Tegra 3 is able to deliver up to 3x the graphics performance compared to Tegra 2, and up to 61 percent lower power consumption.

Tegra 3 also comes with an array of other features, which include 12-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU, which delivers more realism with dynamic lighting, physical effects and high resolution environments, plus support for 3D stereo. Tegra 3 is also capable of being plugged into a 3D capable TV and automatically converts OpenGL applications to stereo 3D, so consumers can experience 3D on a big screen 3D TV (via HDMI 1.4  technology).