NVIDIA releases second generation of 3D Vision, brighter, richer 3D coming to a screen near you


NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology allowed gamers and notebook owners to experience 3D without having to spring for bigger (and more expensive) 3D HD TVs. Now, the company has announced that the the tech is getting an upgrade via a new, redesigned (and less goofy looking) 3D glasses and NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology – a unique new display technology that dramatically improves the 3D experience by delivering images that are up to twice as bright and colors that are far richer than those provided by other 3D display technologies.

The new tech will be debuting in a couple of recently announced products which include the ASUS VG278H, which incidentally, has 3D HDMI 1.4 input, as well as a Dual-link DVI input for full HD 1080p 3D gaming.  ASUS’ exclusive Trace-Free II Technology features 120Hz refresh rates and 2ms response times, resulting in vivid, ultra-smooth visuals. The VG278H is expected to hit at the end of October and will carry a $699 price tag. Gamers looking to grab the newest iteration of 3D Vision glasses can expect to get one for about $99 a pop. Alternatively, you can get the whole kit for $149 in the US.