Philips unveils new anorexic monitors, LED has never looked sexier


Everything with a screen is just getting thinner and thinner, and PC monitors are not an exception. Philip’s  newest line of monitors, fittingly called “Blade” is the Dutch manufacturer’s interpretation of the thin design mantra. Launched at the EDSA Shangrila today, the new monitors have a profile of 12.9mm, and is packed to the brim with new imaging tech that improves the images that show up on screen. The externals are further enhanced by the buttons, or more specifically, the lack of. Instead, there are SmartTouch keys that light up when you touch them and disappear once you’re done.

The monitors have all the features you’ve come to expect from a modern monitor – stylish design, a multitude of inputs including HDMI and full HD capability. The Blade comes in two sizes: a 21.5-incher that will retail for Php 8,900 and a 23-inch model that will retail for Php 9,900.