Pioneer Launches the DDJT1 and DDJS1 DJ Controllers


Pioneer has been a go-to brand for DJ’s for quite sometime, and it comes as no surprise that the company is upping the ante once again, adapting to the growing trend of laptop-based DJ’ing.

The products were launched at Capital G, which is located in the Sports Loop on the 3rd Floor of Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas. What makes the DDJS1 and the DDJT1 unique is that they were crafted specifically to be used in tandem with Serato ITCH and TRAKTOR.

Connecting to your laptop via USB, one of the controllers’ unique features is a “docking” space that allows you to slide your laptop underneath, negating the need to use a laptop stand and it allows the display to be closer as well. Both controllers also feature dedicated controls to browse through your playlists and “smart crates”.

Having previously worked with different controllers, as well as having had the chance to use Pioneer’s DJ products beforehand, these two controllers look quite promising. Its potential lies not in only in its intuitive interface and tighter integration with its partnered software, but the portability of the unit comes into play as an all-in-one rig. But only time will tell how it truly performs once we get our test unit in.

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