Plantronics Launches the Marque 2 and Voyager Legend


Wires aren’t fun. They get tangled up, they snag and generally get in the way of everything. Very unsexy. Plantronics, an industry leader in the world of audio, has just launched two new devices to liberate users from the bane of mobile living. Their two newest Bluetooth headsets, the Marque 2 M165 and Voyager Legend. Both offer superb audio clarity and rock solid connectivity to give users the best hands-free experience available today.

The Plantronics Marque 2

The Marque 2 is a tiny hands-free headset that offers more than your average pair. Its small profile and soft silicone earplug make the Marque 2 supremely comfortable, even after extended periods. Dual microphones make sure your voice come across clear and distortion-free. Noise cancellation technology cancels out wind noise and other mild ambient sounds so all the other party hears is what you’re saying. The Marque 2 supports the A2DP Bluetooth audio profile, so you can even use it to stream music and audio from media files straight to your ear. If your Marque 2 is on and then subsequently disconnected from your mobile device, it enters DeepSleep mode that allows it to stay idle for an astounding 180 days, plus voice commands and voice prompts let you hear your device’s status and issue commends without having to decipher cryptic beeps and LED flashes.

The Plantronics Voyager Legend

The Voyager Legend takes all of the awesome features of the Marque 2 and adds even more to make sure it gives users the absolute best a Bluetooth headset can offer. Noise cancellation is improved through the addition of a third microphone, enabling the Legend to cancel out not just wind and ambient noise, but a lot of the other conversations happening around as well. This is coupled with seven hours of talk time, 11 days of standby and an extra-long 180 days of deep sleep idle time. It has the same voice commands and prompts as the smaller Marque 2, and has the addition of a smart sensor that intelligently answers calls and routes calls to and from the headset depending on motion and whether or not the device is on your ear. If the device is on the table, it will send the call to your phone. Pick up the headset and put it on, and it automatically answers the call. If you’re on your mobile phone and in the middle of speaking, pick up and put on the Voyager, it will immediately route the call to the headset. It’s not just a hands-free headset, it’s a smart hands-free headset. It also has a special water-repellent coating that allots it to withstand handling with wet hands or a little fall of rain.

The Marque 2 is now available for PHP 3,600, and the Voyager can be yours for PHP 4,900.