Product Highlight: ASUS ROG Maximus IV Extreme


Since the release of Intel’s second generation Core i processors, there’s been an influx of motherboards created by different OEM brands vying for your attention (and your wallet’s contents). But if there’s one thing you got to understand, there are motherboards, and then there are motherboards. ASUS’ Republic of Gamers branded Maximus IV Extreme falls in the latter category. This beast is the real deal – and is decked out with so many features we don’t even know where to start. How about the option of overclocking it remotely? Gigabit Ethernet? USB 3.0? Seriously, it throws so many things all at your face at once, you won’t even know where to start. It’s simply awesome. Want to see what you get when you decide to take the leap? Scroll down and check out the pictures we took of this bad boy.