Razer Blade now available to buy outside of US, Singapore gets first dibs


Remember the Razer Blade, the notebook that the peripheral accessory maker said proves that PC gaming isn’t dead? Well, if you’ve been waiting for that particular gaming notebook to mosey on out to other regions aside the US, you’re in luck – if you live in Singapore that is. Razer has announced it has made the Blade available for purchase in Singapore, marking the tiny island nation the first to get this particular notebook aside from the US. Unfortunately, the specifications of the Blade seems to have not changed since its introduction last year (the GPU is still the previous generation Fermi one, and we’re pretty sure this thing still rocks Sandybridge) so the steep S$3,999.99 (about Php 132,952) price might not be for everyone. Still, we’re pretty sure there will be people out there who would want a piece of this, so if you guys have relatives in Singapore (or have a way to send it from Singapore to here), you can hit up this link to get it.