Razer outs Ouroboros, fully customizable ambidextrous gaming mouse


Tired of gaming mice that just doesn’t get you? Fear not – Razer has just released their fully customizable gaming mouse, the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros joins the ranks of mice like the Rat7 by allowing users to completely customize their mouse to their hand size. The Ouroboros has two interchangeable side panels for altering the footprint of the mouse to suit claw, palm or hybrid grip styles, and it has an adjustable back tilt angle to ensure palm support for gaming comfort and endurance. The adjustable palm rest is capable of moving up to 0.9 in. (20 mm), which makes the Ouroboros capable of accommodating any size hand. The Ouroboros is powered by Razer’s enhanced sensor technology and is capable of up to 8200 dpi, and has a dedicated, built-in dpi clutch trigger button. This particular gaming mouse should be hitting stores in Q4, and will be priced at $129.99 (Php 5430). No word on Philippine pricing or availability yet.

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