Razer outs Project Fiona gaming tablet


Seems like Razer has their own CES bomb to drop. The peripheral firm has just released unleashed the Project Fiona gaming tablet for gamers who absolutely need to take their PC games on the road. The tablet runs on an Intel’s third generation Core i7 processors (which we assume will be Ivy Bridge) and Razer says that it’s fully capable of running PC games on the go. To get around the problem of, you know, not having a mouse or keyboard, Razer has integrated dual game controllers with ultra-precise analog sticks and accelerometers,  and a highly sensitive multi-touch screen into the device for positive control. No word on what GPU this bad boy uses (or if it’ll use a separate GPU at all) or how much it’ll eventually retail for though Razer says it’ll retail for less than $1000. You can expect the Project Fiona to arrive in Q4 of 2012.

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