Razer revamps the classic Naga mouse, adds removable panels, new matte finish


Razer’s MMO loving’ Naga mouse has gotten an overhaul, and now sports a better, anti-slip finish to help players pwn opponents. While the mouse still retains its massive 12 button thumb buttons on the side, Razer has seen fit to allow players to choose the left panels of the mouse, helping them find the right fit for their hand through three interchangeable plastic panels. Razer has also reportedly repositioned the buttons on the top of the mouse, which the company says helps in actuation. Interested? Well, this particular mouse will set you back about $79.99, though there’s no word how much this particular mouse will cost in the Philippines. You can go to http://www.razerzone.com/getimba to know more about the new Naga.

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