Revealed: PowerColor Devil 13 Dual-GPU 7970


We had some time to check out PowerColor’s COMPUTEX booth last week, and boy, we’re glad we did. We managed to check out their upcoming dual-GPU card, the Devil 13.

This thing is absolutely huge – the Devil 13 uses two 7970 GPUs that deliver absolutely mental amounts of raw processing power to steamroll any and all current and future games that you can think of.

This iteration of the Devil 13 uses two AMD Tahiti based 7970 GPUs in a PCB that’s longer than most other designs, and is the first in PowerColor’s lineup to utilize three fans. Display outputs include two DVI and mini-DP, and an HDMI port. Each GPU will supposedly have its own BIOS.

Mounting this particular monster is a bit of an issue though, and requires the user to use a supporting pillar in the GPU so it doesn’t fall when mounted on your rig. No word on price and availability for this juggernaut though.