Roland SPD-SX sampling pad: An ideal tool for music production


The Roland SPD-SX is currently the company’s most advanced sampling percussion pad. This piece of gear is an exceptionally flexible tool for music production that includes a backlit LCD screen and 9 highly responsive velocity-sensitive pads (two of which are triggered on the edge of the unit). Each pad has an LED indicator, and the hardware comes packed with tons of sounds that can be passed through a number of effects, including 21 master effects, an equalizer, and 40 kit effects. You can also use your own samples as the machine comes with 2GB of internal memory for up to 3 hours of onboard sampling.

What separates the SPD-SX from other pads is its ability to make sampling external audio incredibly easy. Users just have to route a signal through the 1/4” inputs or via USB from a computer and touch a pad at the desired start and end points in order to capture a perfect loop. If you have a turntable, the SPD-SX makes it extremely effortless to sample from vinyl whenever inspiration hits you. These can then be kept on the machine’s memory for use in live gigs, or you can record your performance straight to your computer’s recording software.

The SPD-SX can also be used as a midi controller if you just want to have that hardware feel when triggering samples on your software samplers, drum machines, virtual instruments, and other music programs. Due to the large size of the pads and the inclusion of edge pads, this pad sampler was actually designed to be triggered using drum sticks, although it’s not necessary.

The SPD-SX sells for about USD $799 (approximately Php 33,560). You can visit for more information on this product.