Samsung Galaxy S III officially launched in the Philippines, priced at Php 32990


Alright, we just came from the Samsung Galaxy S III launch in the Fort tonight, and boy oh boy, does Samsung know how to throw a party. If you guys follow our site religiously (if you don’t you totally should), you already know what the Galaxy S III does, what’s it is equipped with, and most of its features. You also probably know what both operators are asking for it – if you don’t let us refresh your memory – Globe is asking for Php 2499 for 24 months on contract with unlimited data, while Smart is asking for Php 2000 for 30 months (that’s a 2 years and six months for the lazy). Most of you are asking what the initial SRP of the device is, unlocked when it lands in June. Well, we got the price for you kiddies – the price of the Samsung Galaxy S III in the Philippines will be Php 32990. That puts it in the same league as the HTC One X, which also carries the SRP of Php 32990. So the question now is: are you getting the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy S III?