Samsung Home Appliances: Beautiful form, smart functionality


Now, your home appliances can blend beautifully into the luxurious aesthetic of your home. With premium products from Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO), you get both high-quality function and form and perhaps, even a smart piece of art.

The Samsung Scout Washing Machine brings more power and greater washing performance with its energy-saving Eco Bubble Technology. The Eco Bubble Technology allows consumers to save up to 70% on energy. Its sleek and classy diamond drum provides greater fabric care as smaller water exit holes lessen the chance of delicate clothing snagging into them. The Samsung Scout Washing Machine is truly an amazing and durable washer-dryer combo as it comes with a Quiet Drive Motor that greatly reduces vibrations and noise.

Carefully balancing beauty and utility value, the Samsung Rose Air Conditioner takes its inspiration from the elegance of a rose. With its exclusive design, this air conditioner comes with Twin Cooling Fans and Virus Doctor Technology, making for perfect air filtration that will cool an entire house quickly with purified breezes. The Samsung Rose Air Conditioner works wonders for the environment as its Inverter Technology allows it to save more energy.

Designed and crafted by Italian jewelry designer Massimo Zucchi, the premium edition Samsung Jewel Refrigerator brings out the ultimate luxury in digital home appliances. Eye-catching and dazzling with its elegant Champagne Handle, Bid Printing, and Jewel Lightning effects, this side-by-side refrigerator is equipped with a Digital Inverter Compressor and a Twin Cooling system, keeping food inside fresh far longer while saving energy costs at the same time.