Samsung officially launches WiFi enabled DV300F and WB150F


Samsung has officially outed their WiFi camera line yesterday evening  at the Rockwell Tent. The DV300F and WB150F are both powerful imaging tools that allow users to instantaneously share their photos to the social network of their choice. The WB150F (which we reviewed in our April issue, out now) boasts a Schneider-Kreuznach 18x zoom lens with a focal equivalent of 24-432mm, along with a 14.1-megapixel sensor. The DV300F meanwhile, has a small, 1.5-inch front-facing LCD screen that allows users to take the perfect self-portrait shot.

The DV300F has is rated at 16.1-megapixels, two megapixels higher than the WB150F. Another unique feature of these WiFi enabled cameras is the ability to use your phone as a remote viewfinder through the use of a free, downloadable app (on select smartphone models). Aside from being able to share your photos instantaneously to your social networks, these cameras also allow sharing on a multitude of other devices such as smartphones, tablets and even Smart TVs. The DV300F retails for Php 9,990 while the WB150F will go for Php 11,990.