Samsung releases variable LCD MV800 Mirror Pop camera


Samsung isn’t afraid to experiment when it comes to cameras, even though some of their ideas don’t sell that well. Camwhores and self portrait aficionados were truly overwhelmed when the Korean electronics giant released the original 2View line of cameras (which had a small LCD in front to help facilitate self shots and portraits for FB) and we’re happy to say that the company is continuing that line with the MV800 Mirror Pop digital camera. While it looks like your typical camera, the MV800 puts a clever twist that increases its functionality and makes it the camera of choice for self-shot addicts.

That particular twist is that the MV800’s 3-inch touchscreen has the ability to flips 180 degrees up towards the subject, allowing you to take self-portraits and profile pictures with ease. It also makes the MV800 extremely versatile when it comes to shot framing, as anyone with an DSLR with a vari-angle screen will tell you. Since the screen covers the shutter when it’s completely rotated up, Samsung has placed a secondary shutter at the back that works exactly the same way – half press to focus, press firmly to shoot.

The MV800 also has a couple of other tricks up its sleeve, which mainly consists of different shooting modes like PIP, Funny Face (allows you to morph pictures without a PC, good for a laugh), Live Panorama and a number of creative filters (Sepia, etc.). This 16-megapixel camera is also capable of 5x optical zoom, takes microSD cards and will retail for Php 14,990.

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