Samsung Series 5 Slim announced, AMD A6 4455M on board with HD 7500G discrete graphics, will retail for only Php 29,900


Here’s an unexpected model to be announced tonight at Samsung’s event: the Samsung Series 5 Slim. At first glance, it kind of looks like the Samsung Series 5 Ultra, aside from the obvious change of color (from grey to red). Internally though, it’s a whole new machine – it has AMD’s A6 4455M APU on board chugging along at 2.1GHz and has discrete graphics in the form of itss HD 7500G GPU. Additionally, this particular notebook has 4GB of memory in it – all in the sleek, slim chassis that we all know and love. We’re not sure what kind of storage device this is rocking, but we’re positive it’s using either 320GB or 500GB HDD in it (with the former more likely) and no SSD component to keep costs down. Speaking of costs, would you believe that the price of this thing is only Php 29,900? Yeah, we were surprised too. At that price, it’s an extremely appealing notebook for people who are looking to have a thin, portable and stylish notebook who doesn’t wish to empty their bank accounts by buying a proper ultrabook.

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