Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible first impressions [Update: now with video]


We swung by Samsung’s booth here in COMPUTEX and spotted one of their ultrabooks that was just a little bit different from the rest. Ladies and Gents, meet the Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible, an ultrabook that can also double as a (somewhat akward) tablet. The premise is not unlike Lenovo’s Yoga ultrabook – the Samsung Series 5 Ultra Convertible has a display that can flip all the way back, with the 13-inch display doubling as the main touch interface. The body of the device looks like it was made with a combination of metal and plastic, and the build quality looked ok. There’s a good amount of ports scattered all around the body of the unit, which include USB 3.0 ports. The keyboard feels suspiciously like the one on the Series 5 Ultra, which is a good thing. Flipping the display over is pretty easy, although carrying it around this way will be a bit of a bother as the keys will be protruding on the bottom while it is on tablet mode. We have a feeling that the build quality and usability will improve once the retail model hits, though no firm word has been set for the release of this notebook hybrid. It goes without saying that this particular device will ship with Windows 8 on-board. We’re uploading a demo video of the device as we speak, so stay tuned.

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