Samsung unveils Galaxy Chat, entry level ICS smartphone with QWERTY keyboard


Seems like Samsung’s aggressively pushing it’s low-end smartphone lead, and has recently unveiled the Galaxy Chat – an entry level ICS powered smartphone with an QWERTY keyboard. The Galaxy Chat sports a 3-inch touchscreen that’s paired with a QWERTY keyboard, which we gather would be appreciated by people who spend a large amount of time texting and interacting with their friends on social networks. The overall design of the device isn’t as edgy or as classy as some of their designs, though that’s fine – this isn’t a top tier device anyway, so that’s not really what people look for in devices of this class. Samsung says that the device sports an overall thickness of only 11.7mm and weighs only 112g, which means it’s a pretty compact smartphone for a device of its class. Unfortunately, no word on how fast or what kind of processor this particular device is packing.

If we’d hazard a guess, you’re probably looking at a sub-1GHz processor, though Samsung may surprise us and put a 1GHz one on it once it hits the ground. No price has been set as of yet, but Samsung has said that this particular device should be hitting our side of the world (the Philippines) come July.

Source: Samsung