Samsung’s Galaxy Grand gets a bigger processor, LTE and NFC, exclusive to Korea


Samsung’s Galaxy Grand is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the company’s Galaxy Note line of devices, but the guys at Sammy has decided to beef up the device for their home market. The Korean version of the Galaxy Grand will be identical externally to its foreign version, but internally it’s quite a different story. The Korean version of the Galaxy Grand will sport LTE connectivity, 1.4GHz quad-core processor as opposed to the 1.2GHz dual-core one on the international version. The domestic version of the Galaxy Grand will also be equipped with NFC.

With all these goodies stuffed into the domestic version of the Galaxy Grand, we’re wondering how much that particular device will deviate from the price of the foreign version. We’re assuming the whole reason that the company made the Grand was to give people who were hesitant to fork out the cash for a Galaxy Note II an alternative choice, so it really doesn’t make sense for the company to beef up its specifications.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Flickr)