SeaGate announces Wi-Fi enabled GoFlex HDD


Without a doubt, the issue of memory and mobility is always a concern whenever we purchase new gadgets.   However, this qualm might soon be resolved.

Meet the GoFlex Satellite, the first battery-powered external hard drive that connects wirelessly to any Wi-Fi enabled device. With this HDD in your backpack or purse, you now have an additional 500GB of extra storage to complement your beloved tablet and/or your much-loved smartphone.

What are the benefits of this ultraportable wireless drive?  According to Seagate, you no longer have to spend that extra money on more memory for your existing device or when purchasing a new one.  Instead, you can opt to acquire the GoFlex Satellite to complement any of your memory woes, allowing you to bring your media library with you wherever you may go.

Not only does it look sleek, but the GoFlex Satellite’s battery life is quite amazing as well, with 5 hours of continuous playback and standby time of more than a day.  As if that weren’t enough, it will also come equipped with Seagate’s Media Sync software and GoFlex Media app which will aid users in transferring their media files.

Set to be released in the U.S. by July this year, we should expect this handy HDD to reach the Philippines soon after.


Source: Maximum PC