SpareOne: the only mobile phone that is powered by a AA battery and stays charged for 15 years


One of the biggest issues with mobile devices nowadays is how fast they guzzle up power. A typical smartphone will probably get you through the day, but if you forget to charge it, it’ll be dead the next morning. Not the SpareOne. Although it doesn’t have all the features of a smartphone, it’s a mobile phone that you’ll probably depend on when the shit hits the fan – which happens quite a bit in our country, to be honest. The SpareOne doesn’t have a display, so it’s only going to be used primarily for calls and is powered by a single AA battery, which gives it about 10 hours of vital talk time, and will keep a charge for 15 years. The SpareOne will cost about $50 (Php 2200) and will be available come March at their online store here.


Source: SpareOne