Spike will change how you use your iPhone (if it pushes through)


One of the most annoying things about the touch screens that have invaded the market is just how difficult it is to get messages written. There are lots of software keyboards that do a really good job, but there really is nothing that is quite like a physical keyboard for banging out long messages or emails. While Apple isn’t likely to change their design philosophy regarding keyboards, Spike intends to give you a simple, elegant solution to the keyboard conundrum. The Spike iPhone keyboard attaches to the device and stows away, invisible, when you don’t need it. When stowed, the Spike appears to be nothing more than an average iPhone protective case. Based on the photos, it doesn’t appear to add much bulk to the device, while adding heaps of functionality.

The case isn’t in production just yet, but if you really want to see it happen, you can do your part and jump on board, thanks to Kickstarter. As of posting, they are at USD 16,000 of the 75,000 goal, so if you want one for yourself, head on over to this LINK and make a pledge.