Take fun pictures on your iPhone with the Olloclip


If you’re looking to get more from your iPhone 4 and 4s camera, you should check out this neat little accessory called the Olloclip. For sure, the camera on your Apple device will never compete with dedicated digital cameras, but you can still have a lot of fun with it. In fact, most of the pictures that we see on flickr are taken using iPhones, especially with photography apps like Instagram and the like. Although there are a lot of these apps that allow you to tweak your photos, the Olloclip lets you do this from a hardware standpoint as the quick-connect lens solution equips your iPhone 4 or 4s  with a fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lens.

Using the device is pretty straightforward; one side holds the fisheye lens, while the other has the dual wide-angle and macro lenses wherein you unscrew the wide-angle lens to reveal the macro lens. As its name suggests, the accessory is simply clipped onto a bare iPhone 4 or 4s, which means that you will have to remove any casing that you might have on your phone whenever you attach the Olloclip. The lenses can also be used for taking video, and although the effect is supposedly not as dramatic due to the iPhone’s cropping of the field view during video, there is still an enjoyable difference. If you’re into taking artsy photos, the Olloclip can provide you with fun possibilities on your iPhone. You can even use it simultaneously with Instagram or other photography apps for a compounded effect to take Lomography-style pictures.

The Olloclip will cost you USD $69.99 (approximately Php 2,940) and you can visit http://olloclip.com/ to order one or get more information about the product.