The next generation MacBook Pro is extremely hard to repair and cannot be upgraded


We’ve known before that Apple doesn’t like users tinkering around their products, but repair site iFixit has just found out how hard it is for a technician to open and service the newly announced, next generation Retina Display MacBook Pro. According to the site, the new MacBook Pro is the “least repairable laptop  we’ve taken apart,” and that Apple “has packed all the things we hate into one beautiful little package.”

So what kind of difficulties will people opening the new MacBook Pro face? According to the site, aside from the standard, non-standard Pentalobe screws that Apple use, the company has also decided to solder the RAM into the logic board (which means no upgrades in the future if you decide that 4GB isn’t enough for you) and used a proprietary SSD drive. The company has also decided to glue the entire lithium-polymer battery to the assembly, which increases the chances of breakage when you need to upgrade or repair it. Finally the entire, display assembly is completely fused, and there’s no glass protecting it, which means if one of the components break, you will have to change out the entire assembly, which will probably cost an arm and a leg. iFixit has given the next generation MacBook Pro their lowest repair score ever, which is a 1/10. So potential buyers of the new MacBook Pro, remember that if you buy a certain configuration, that’s it – no upgrade down the line. Our advice? Just max that sucker up with the highest specs.

Source: iFixit