The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 finally hits our shores


Samsung’s amazing Galaxy Note 8, easily the handiest, most useful tablet we have seen in a while, has officially been launched in the Philippines. We’ve mentioned the Galaxy Note 8 before, and the launch just reinforced what we believed the first time we got to try the device. It’s a great media-consumption tablet that has amazing content-creation abilities thanks to the included S-Pen.

Also introduced at the event was Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 endorser, the lovely Bianca Gonzales. Writers like Bianca will enjoy the improved S Pen and S Note features that allow users to pick up the pen and write, annotate or highlight to their hearts’ content, and share it quickly and easily once they are done. The S Pen is designed to bring out the creative side in people and maintain the feel of writing with a pen on an actual piece of paper. With the S Pen, Bianca can write memos, crop and embellish photos, browse the Internet and even create diary entries. The S Pen now also allows the user to hover over certain items to reveal more menu and preview options thanks to the device’s Air View technology. Finding just the right frame in a video, previewing articles in your news aggregator and checking emails without opening each one individually makes day-to-day tasks less tedious.

The device also intelligently calibrates itself to provide optimum conditions for prolonged reading through the built-in reading mode. in this mode, eye strain is greatly reduced as the tablet automatically adjusts brightness, color temperature and contrast ratio, depending on ambient light. The Galaxy Note 8 is also able to detect the position of the reader’s eyes in order to keep the screen live while it is being watched, making your reading experience as close to reading on an actual page as possible.

On top of all these features, the Galaxy Note 8 is also a full-featured phone that allows the user to make and receive calls, texts, browse the Internet and connect with people through a whole store full of connectivity apps made available by Google. It’s all pretty amazing for a single device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 hits Samsung stores on the 13th of this month, and as a special treat, Samsung is giving out exciting deals for new owners of this device. A special first-day selling event will take place at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium where every buyer of the Note 8.0 will get a free Samsung Book Cover worth PHP 1,699. On top of that, those who line up from 10AM to 12NN will also get a free Samsung Phone via a raffle draw for every purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Up for grabs are the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy SIII  Mini, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy S Duos, Galaxy Y Reloaded and E1200