The Kriss Vector. Now in .22LR


If you like your firearms, you will have no doubt heard of (the former) TDI’s KRISS. If you haven’t, we’ve talked about it here before, so you can go have a look. If you’re too lazy to hit Google for the info. The Vector, as it is now called, is basically a firearm that takes the internal design of the conventional SMG and fiddles with it to divert some of the recoil forces downwards instead of back and up. Apart from that, it’s got a nifty design and fires the tried and tested .45 ACP. Fans of the Discovery Channel show Future Weapons may have  seen in action, and if you’re anything like me, wanted one instantly (completely off-point, Pol Medina Jr also drew this in one of his comic strips some time ago. He knows his stuff.)

In this year’s Shot Show, Kriss (formerly knows as TDI) announced the impending availability of the Vector in .22LR. The Firearm Blog got a quick scoop on it, but it is great news for those who want one but can’t justify ever owning one due to the price and pesky restrictions. Yes, we know we’re not in the same country as they, but we’re quite certain more than a few of these will make their way over to our shores. No word on pricing and availability as of now, but rest assured we’ll be following this little bad boy very closely.


Photo via thefirearmblog