Turn your Mac’s trackpad into a MIDI controller



If you’re an electronic musician, lugging around a MIDI controller can eventually take its toll. Not only can the added weight be a burden, but finding space for it in your bag or car can create unnecessary stress.

If you’re a Mac user however, all you may need for a live performance is your laptop.

Meet Track Master, an app designed by LSD Programming that transforms your multi-gesture trackpad into an X/Y MIDI controller without any additional hardware.

It grants users the capability to play a “keyboard” in any key and can detect up to 11 fingers (we’ll leave it to your imagination how you might do this).  Track Master can also be used as an X/Y grid for filter sweeps, etc., and programming the app will be a breeze since it also has MIDI learn, granting full customization. Moreover, the virtual interface also displays tracking stats, such as the precise location of your fingers on the trackpad.

Users may also opt to use Track Master with Magic Trackpad, if they desire the feel of a separate controller, although this sort of defeats the purpose of the app. Track Master has been confirmed to work with Ableton Live, Logic and Traktor and GarageBand.

Track Master (version 2.0) is available on iTunes for $4.99 (approximately Php 212.00).



OS X 10.6.6 and above
Magic Trackpad or MacBooks, Macbook Pros or Macbook Airs with a multi-touch trackpad