Unboxed: Sparkle Calibre X560 Ti DF


A month ago Sparkle announced that they’ll be releasing six upgraded versions of its hi-end Calibre graphic cards that presumably will cater to a range of needs, from gamers with money to burn to the more sensible enthusiast. Well today we just got one of their newly released cards in the form of the Calibre X560 Ti DF, which came straight from the HQ of the firm in Taiwan.

Right off the bat this particular card exudes an air of luxury that other, similar cards lack. The box has a huge logo of the Calibre brand, with the words Professional Graphics Card written across it.

That simple, luxurious air translates to the packaging, and ultimately to the card itself. While physically not the biggest nor the most imposing graphics card we’ve seen (we’ll give that title to the monstrous, dual-GPU deals we’ve seen in the past), the Calibre X560 Ti DF still looks intimidating in its own right.

For one, it doesn’t use the gaudy purple fans of Sparkle’s other product offerings, and the metal and black construction of the card makes it more menacing that it actually is.

But don’t think this card is a pushover – we haven’t managed to stick it into a system yet, but Sparkle promises that it delivers a 22% increase in performance in 3DMark 11 over a reference design, and is factory overclocked right from the box.

We’ll get a review up as soon as we finish evaluating it.