Unboxing: PowerColor HD6790


While there’s certainly an allure to high-end monster cards like 6970s and the like, the real money has always been made from mid-market and entry level GPUs. PowerColor’s HD6790 slides neatly in the former’s category, promising to deliver decent performance at a price most PC gamers can afford.

The overall design of the card is nice and sleek, and there’s three output options to choose from: DVI, mini DisplayPort and HDMI.

The card is cooled by three copper heatpipes, combined with heatsinks and the requisite fan.

Looking at the specs, the PowerColor HD6790 is a pretty decent card. The card uses AMD’s Barts GPU, and utilizes 800 out of 1120 of stream processors. Unlike other cards, the PowerColor HD6970 sticks to stock speed of 840 MHz out of the box. Video memory is 1GB GDDR5 with a memory clock of 4200 MHz (1050 MHz GDDR5).

Like what you see so far? Good. Because we’re giving out this bad boy to a lucky reader. Stand by for details, we’ll be revealing the mechanics soon.