Viewsonic launches tablets and smartphones, penny pinchers rejoice


It’s shaping up to be a tab-sational first quarter, as another company has unveiled their own take on tablets, with a bit of smartphone savvy thrown in. While you’d normally associate Viewsonic with monitors, the Taiwanese manufacturer is jumping feet first in the tablet and smartphone market with a wide range of products covering both the mid-range Android smartphone market and the 7 and 10 inch tablet space.

The launch held at the Crowne Plaza in Mandaluyong earlier today, featured the ViewSonic V350, a dual SIM Froyo powered smartphone, the ViewPad 4, a 4.1-inch smartphone with Froyo (upgradable to Gingerbread via OTA), the 7-inch ViewPad 7, and the 10-inch ViewPad 10 and 10s, with the latter having dual-boot capabilities.


Sharp eyed readers might recognize the ViewPad 10s’ uncanny resemblance to another tablet that another manufacturer launched late last year. ViewSonic is aware of the doppelganger, and as a result is pushing hard and fast when it comes to pricing. We don’t have the exact prices of the units as of yet, but rest assured we’ll be updating this post as they come in. In the meantime, enjoy the lovely photos of these tablets that are coming to a store near you.