Your iPod/iPhone dock just got more portable


Nothing sucks more than a low-batt iPhone or iPod. Then there’s the mess of wires and cables you have maneuver your way around for a good charge. Now you can charge both directly onto the wall socket without having to prop your delicate gadgets onto messy desks, dirty countertops and even dirtier floors.

Bluelounge introduces the MiniDock which, as the name suggests, is a portable dock that allows you to charge your devices upright and straight onto the wall. Its versatility allows you to charge anywhere there’s a socket (which is probably in every room you’re in). And because it’s super portable, you won’t have to think twice about bringing it along wherever you go, whether out-of-town or the nearest coffeeshop.

The MiniDock is available in three versions to fit either US, UK or EU style adapters and sockets.


Source: Coolhunting