Albedo offers cloud storage for as low as one cent per gigabyte per month


Feel like throwing everything in your computer onto the cloud so that you can retrieve it later on? Albedo (pronounced al-bee-doe) is offering cloud storage for as low as one cent (41 centavos) per gigabyte per month, meaning everything—files, photos, music, HD videos, games, etc. can now be on the cloud and at your disposal wherever you go on the cheap. To put that into the perspective of the sizes of our external and internal hard drive offerings right now, which are in the terabytes, a terabyte (1,024 GB) will run you about US$10.24 (Php 415) a month. When you first sign up, you can get your first 30 GB of data free.

Albedo offers on the cloud services that are already present in most external and internal hard drives—security, so that no one can you can access your files; backup, even creating multiple copies of your files to store in different facilities to prevent data loss; and you can store them until you delete them. Albedo uses Amazon Glacier’s servers to store your data.

However, there are a few catches—Albedo will make you wait four hours before you can retrieve a file, which keeps the server costs low, but will inform you via email or text when it is available. You can avoid deleting a file within 90 days of uploading it to avoid extra costs as well—US$0.03 within 30 days, US$0.02 within 60 days, and US$0.01 within 90 days. Finally, you can retrieve up to 5% of your data stored in Glacier for free each month. You can retrieve more than 5% for an extra $0.01 per GB, and will be notified when you near the 5% limit.