Artefact Reimagines the Printer


Artefact, a Seattle based design firm, has created a concept design that could very well change the image of the printer.

The company has previously contributed to the BlackBerry Playbook, and what followed soon after was a re-imagining of the printer’s long, unchanged profile. Even though additions such as Wi-Fi or even memory card slots have now been coming out, the peripheral’s overall design has remained the same.

Artefact’s conept design is called SWYP (See What You Print), and it features a touch screen interface that allows you to edit, scale and preview the page before printing. Devices are proposed to connect wirelessly, and SWYP is able to upload images directly to the web.

Some unique features include a “Peek Inside” function, which fades away the interface and lets users see inside the printer to determine information such as ink level, etc.

Artefact’s prototype design is non-functioning, but the company is challenging manufacturer’s to consider drastically improving the printer’s design. With their recent work on the Playbook and the Sonos CR200 controller, it wouldn’t be surprising if the SWYP’s design gets picked up, although I hope they improve the name.

Would you want a printer like this?