Barrel full o’ Nostalgia – play old game and watch titles online


One of the fondest memories I have of the late 80’s (aside from MC Hammer’s flopping pants) was the Game and Watch. Originally made by Nintendo at the start of the 80’s, it was our generation’s PSP. Sure, it only played one game per device and the graphics were pretty damn laughable by today’s standards, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of schoolyard fights that resulted from not being able to play Donkey Kong Jr. because your doodoohead classmate was stupid enough to have it confiscated…but I digress.

Now you can relive those days wasted in front of a crappy LCD screen via, a website created in homage to the forebearers of the modern handheld. The site allows you to play 19 retro handheld consoles, with an additional two more along the way. The site is beautifully made and lovingly crafted, and the games themselves are marvelously recreated, accurate down to the last beep. The controls even move along with each button press, adding to the realism. I have to warn you though, visiting the site will suck out a disproportionate amount of your time, rendering you unproductive for the whole day.