Become a smart shopper with the Smart Cart (and your smartphone)


Many people may find grocery shopping to be quite the task at hand especially when you’re on a budget. For many shoppers, finding true “convenience” in a convenience store is something that needs quite a bit of work. Personally, I still write a grocery list on a piece of paper and estimate how much each item will cost so that I know not to exceed my budget. Then come shopping day, I walk around with cart, list, and phone calculator in hand just to make doubly sure there won’t be any “void” items at the checkout counter.

But now, grocery shopping might not be such a daunting task with the SK Telecom Smart Cart.  This program has begun testing in China and integrates the shopping cart with your smartphone so you have access to store and product information along with discounts and coupons. Once your phone is synced to that the tablet PC installed on the shopping cart, you can now see what you’re buying, how much, where the discounts in the store are as well as the membership points you’ve accumulated.

If this finds itself in the Philippines, I’ll probably want to shop every weekend.


Source: designboom