Coming soon: Create gesture-based music on any surface


Mogees is an amazing gesture analysis software being developed, which can let you create music on any surface when used with a single contact microphone.

Developed by Bruno Zamborlin, Mogees can recognize various gestures which users can actually “teach” the software, allowing them to set their own custom movements. Any contact microphone can be used, any surface will work, and anything can be used to trigger the gestures. In the demo video, you’ll see Mogees being used to create music on “impossible” surfaces (i.e. tree,balloon,etc.) using both fingertips and a coin.


According to Zamborlin, audio synthesis is achieved through two methods. The first of which is physical modeling, which essentially generates sound by “simulating physical laws” (i.e. strings, tubes, etc.). The second is concatenative synthesis, where “the sound of the contact microphone is associated with its closest frame present in a sound database.” While the explanation is both technical and vague, its performance power is clear as day.

Mogees is still in a work in progress, and unfortunately there are no screenshots just yet. However, Zamborlin has hinted that it may be transformed into a Max4Live patch in a few months time. From the demonstration video, we cannot even begin to state how Mogees can change the the face of digital music (especially if coupled with Ableton Live), and may very well define the standard for mobile music.