Cornell lab starts printing food, poised to change the way you eat


Imagine if you could eat a cake shaped like a building. No, we don’t mean roughly shaped like a rectangle that rises a few inches off the ground – we mean shaped exactly like a building, complete with windows, doors and interior details. Now, imagine that building is made not out of cake, but nearly anything edible you could think of.

That’s the future that the folks at Cornell Creative Machines Lab is striving for using 3D printers that are capable of using edible inks made out of juiced meats and liquid. And they’ve already made the necessary steps to creating works of art/gourmet dishes – they’ve managed to create a scallop nugget shaped like a miniature space shuttle. The ramifications are far reaching, and could change the way you eat in restaurants. A thoughtful fiance could theoretically order a cake that spells “will you marry me” inside when cut, for example. Or like our example above, incredibly intricate themed cakes to commemorate a special occasion (christenings, birthdays, etc.). And maybe one day, we’ll be able to get food replicators ala Star Trek. One can dream, right?

Source: LA Times